The Origin of My Rainbow

The origin of this blog is a subjective thing. If it’s the origin of my writing, it dates back to 1984. But in time, hobby became work and it lost some of its magic for me. It took a lot of years, and a major tragedy to resurrect the desire in me to write again. That too could be an origin point – the death of my son in 2003. He was stillborn. After a two year journey of hell and, more importantly, healing, I began working through the internet to reach out to other moms. In three years, I bonded with literally hundreds of moms (almost 800 to be specific), and helped many connect to each other to walk a journey together that no one should have to walk alone. When my father died in 2009, the origin took on yet another form. And then in 2010, a friend encouraged me to write a book, and a wonderful, loving fiancee bought me the laptop I sit at right this minute. The book isn’t coming. I think it’s too daunting to think about writing a whole book at once. And to be truthful, I’m not sure what I want the shape of the book’s message to be. But I’m betting if I take it a blog at a time, maybe a collection will emerge that makes sense to me, and is worth putting into permanent print. What’s shared here are pieces of my life, and my heart. I would ask you to respect that. Treat it with kindness, and remember that from my heart, it’s breaking and restoration that these blog entries come. rkw

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