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Getting Through The Holidays

As I begin this blog, I suppose I should state my traditional disclaimer. I have no clinical training. This is not meant to be a professional guide to holiday grief. This is a blog written by a mother who lost her child, in hopes of helping others to benefit from my experiences by reading about them, and finding ways to adapt them to their own needs, or by being inspired to find your own ways to nurture your own heart through a difficult time. Grief is a very personal thing. How you choose to handle it is up to you – just be sure that handle it, you must.
I read an article today, and it’s one of many about grieving at the holidays. As we all know, grief comes in many forms. Loss tops the list – death of a parent, spouse, grandparent, sibling, friend, or child. Death of a friend. Divorce. Each form of grief is its own animal, and each person handles it differently. As I have read articles over the years about grief at the holidays, they each have had their own “recipe” for how to make it through. The article I found today was, for me, the one that most closely mirrored what I needed in the early years of this journey, and still find myself needing at times still when the holidays roll around. The edge is off of the pain, most definitely. But there are moments when it creeps in just a little. Right now for some of you, it’s still a wide open, raw wound with no comfort in sight. So how do you get through this season when everything is about joy, festivity, and celebration? I would offer you some of what I did, in hopes that some of it might help you, or inspire you: